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Traveling to Asia

Traveling to Asia

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Traveling to Asia is unlike anywhere else in the world. There are a few reasons for things and I can give a firsthand account of why that it. This is because I’ve been to Asia!

I spent some time in South Korea and China. To compare this, I also spent time in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Asia was the only place that did not cater specifically to Westerners. And I loved it. This is because I wanted an authentic feel of a land of far away.

Now, when I say they didn’t cater specifically to Westerners I mean that they do not put English translations on all of their signs. This gives Asian an authentic feel. Now, I understand that they probably do that in major cities such as Beijing and Seoul. I visited both of those cities and still didn’t see too many signs in English. I was a huge fan of that. Because English is such a spoken language in the world I was still able to get around by talking with people. However, even if people didn’t speak English that would be alright as well. This is because I was a travel guide.

In China, I walked the Great Wall. I also visited a jade museum and the Forbidden City. In South Korea, I visited a major university and trained martial arts with them. It was a fantastic experience! The Koreans are also fun to spar with because they start learning martial arts at a very early age. And by that, I mean like 3 or 4 years old. No wonder they are so good at martial arts!

The food was another reason I enjoyed my time in Asia. Here again, they did not cater to Westerners. I didn’t find any Western restaurants, except for the fast food ones like McDonald’s. Travel to Asia to a great experience!

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