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Tourism in Anguilla

Tourism in Anguilla

When people think “vacation” there’s a reason they think beaches. And that reason is Anguilla.

Visiting Anguilla, part of the British West Indies, is a pure pleasure experience. From its sandy beaches to its welcoming citizens, vacationers will never want to leave. As a matter of fact, there are a number of expats who decided to stay there permanently!

Anguilla is home to roughly 13,000 people who primarily speak English. Because English is the main-spoken language, Anguilla is easily accessible to much of the world. The multiple resorts are beautiful, and are kept well-maintained. This has been a key factor in making the island country maintain its charm.

Most of Anguilla’s shopping caters to tourists. That being said, you will not find many large department stores on the island. Perhaps that is what helps Anguilla attain it’s “vacation feel”. If one were to see a Macy’s or Target in every town, would visiting Anguilla feel like a vacation? Most people would probably say no!

Anguilla is a small island, measuring about 10 miles long and 5 miles wide. Therefore, a great part of the island is nothing but beaches. Anguilla is also surrounded by a number of smaller islands, making it additional fun for vacationers if they rent small boats. Scrub Island is only a few miles away from Anguilla, and is a luxury resort island. To many people, however, just the sand beaches of Anguilla is luxury enough!

When people think “vacation”, there are many choices and landscapes available. There are different cities, sights, and wonders. Anguilla fully fulfills what is thought to be the standard notion of a vacation. This is warm, beautiful weather coupled with beaches! When deciding which place to visit, consider a Caribbean paradise. Consider one that is not commercialized like so many places. Consider Anguilla. You can find some more information here.

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